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The 3 main objections to solar power;

  1. Up-front cost – impact on liquidity/ availability of funds/ associated borrowing costs
  2. Credibility of solar company – close down/ change name, leave you holding the bag
  3. Longevity of components – vague, piecemeal warranties on various components,

Problem Solved

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deal direct with a manufacturer

  • Zero $ outlay
  • 14 years in solar – $5billion Company
  • > to 20 years full Warranty

Prefer to pay cash and choose your own panels and inverter? No problem.

Don’t have the cash? No problem, use our interest-free 5 years Ownership Plan

Cleaner, leaner cost – Akcome Power – Solar Energy – Zero $ outlay

  • With solar power on your building, you can save around 30+% of the cost, where solar displaces coal
  • We use only CEC approved Tier one solar panels, Inverters, components and quality Installers
  • We are revenue driven, we rely on income from a fully functioning optimum solar generation system

Your Partner in Harnessing Solar Energy for Your AC Units

Harnessing the power of solar is becoming more popular in Australian homes. It’s a good way to save electricity. This alternative power source is environmentally friendly. It can cut down your energy costs by almost half!

At Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning, we provide solutions that work for every budget. We make sure our clients are happy with their system, no matter what their needs are. We use all Tier One panels and inverters, including Akcome, Trina, Q Cells, Jinko; Huawei, Sungrow, Fronius, SMA, Sofar and ABB. We install solar systems from 5kW up to more than 100kW of green electricity.

We also can provide battery storage; however, these are more suited to On-Demand bills.


Stop your doubts.

Some homeowners may be thinking twice about getting panels installed. Admittedly, the up-front costs can be substantial, depending on the unit. To add to this, components used in these systems aren’t very clear to most individuals. It can be hard to decide if you’re getting a good deal from the company. These factors can intimidate some people.

However, the government rebate diminishes every year; having the government pay more than 35% of the cost of the system should be utilized before the rebate is finished.

If paying cash is a problem, we can arrange a zero cost up front interest-free facility and you can own the system in 61 months; so pay less for power while your solar system pays for itself and then free solar energy.

Sunshine Coast will install a system that may well prove your best investment, with saving in the long-term ownership of the solar power system. You’re sure to get your money back in the energy costs you’ll save. On the other hand, as long as you hire a trusted company, you won’t have any problems a good system.


How much power do you need?

Heating and cooling costs comprise a majority of energy use in most households. You want to get a system that can keep up with your energy use. Most homes aren’t able to go 100% renewable energy. Many of them will cut down their power use to 30% due to space constraints and output limitations for each panel. However, you do have the option to install multiple units if needed.


Get your panels from a trusted manufacturer.

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning aims to bring you only the best in solar panel technology. This is why we offer Akcome Power. They are an industry leader in the field of renewable energy. This ensures all our systems are effective, durable and cost-effective. The manufacturer only offers CEC (clean Energy Council of Australia), approved, tier-one panels, inverters and components – all made of high-quality materials. With this amount of craftsmanship, you won’t believe their units sell for less! And the systems are installed by CEC installer with our own minimum 10 workmanship warranty.

You won’t find another service provider that offers the best rates in town. Our rent-to-own panels require no down payment, and you can have full ownership of them in as little as 61 months! And just because we’re the cost-effective option doesn’t mean we skimp on the reliability of service. We do a site visit for all our clients. Our technicians cater to all clients, big or small.

We want the best for our clients; this is why we provide a 80% performance warranty to 25 years, on all panels. And the best part: we charge absolutely nothing for outlays! Our team of experts can even provide installation and maintenance services at reasonable costs.

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning has been in the solar panel industry for over 10 years. Since 1997, our experts have been providing solar energy as an extension service of Environmentally Sustainable Technologies. Our experience, along with the expertise of our partners with various Clean Energy Council of Australia installers make us the best experts in the industry – just ask our satisfied clients!

As long as you hire the right company, you won’t have to worry about installing panels. Here at Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning, it’s our goal to make renewable energy more accessible to homeowners. All our solar panel designs, specifications, arrangements and installation methods are approved by Ergon and Energex.

Our mission to provide the best possible units at affordable prices. For your Sunshine Coast solar energy needs, give us a call today!

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